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Department Of Nursing Education Policy

Department of Nursing Staff Policy



Associate Bachelor’s and Undergraduate, Education-Instruction

Horizontal Transition Basic Principles And Rules According To Central Placement Points

Double Major Program Requirement



Accreditation Board Directive

Double Major and Minor, Horizontal and Vertical Transfer, Student Exchange Programs Directive

Education Teaching and Cirriculum Commision Directive

Laboratory and clinical practice commision regulation

Nursing Laboratory and Clinical Practice Regulation

Student and Alumni Monitoring Commission Regulation

Measuremet and Evaluation Commission Regulation

Exam Directive

Career Counseling Directive

Distance Education Directive

Clinical Practice Occupational Accident Prevention and Notification Instruction

Improvement Development Commision Directive



Occupational Accident Flow Chart

Intership Application Flow Chart

Theoretical Course Student Feedback Flow Chart

Academic Staff Assignment Flow Chart

Interviews with Students Who Graded Under Success Score Flow Chart

Exam Preparation and Evaluation Flow Chart

PUKO Cycle Flow Chart

Program Evaluation Based on the CIPP Model

Program Evaluation Follow Up Plan Based on CIPP Model

Academic Staff Assignment Flow Chart

Graduation Flow Chart of Graduates

Graduate Satisfaction Evaluation Flow Chart

Graduates with Communication of networks Identification and Sustaining Flow Chart

Instructor Satisfaction Evaluation Flow Chart

Student Orientation Program Flow Chart

Student Satisfaction Evaluation Flow Chart

Workflow Chart For Updatıng Traınıng Program

Evaluatıon Of Program Outcomes Workflow Chart

Evaluation of Program Outcomes Flow Chart

Student Exchange Program Workflow Chart

Öğrenci değişim programı iş akış şeması

Evaluatıon Of Student Logbook Work Flow Chart

Measurement and Evaluation Commission Activity Workflow Chart