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Nursing Education Program Objectives

  1. Grows up as a nurse who has a scientific perspective, critical thinking and communication skills, is open to innovations, and is qualified in health care at national and international level.
  2. Gains competence in nursing care, education, management and research.
  3. With the awareness of professionalism, he can take responsibility in protecting, improving, treating and rehabilitating the health of the individual, family and society, and can work in all levels of health institutions and in every environment where people live.
  4. Maintains professional and personal development in accordance with the principle of lifelong learning.

Nursing Education Program Outcomes

  1. Gains basic knowledge, skills and attitudes towards theory and practice in nursing.
  2. Meets the health care needs of the individual, family and society with an evidence-based and holistic approach, in line with the nursing process.
  3. Takes an active role in the health care delivery team.
  4. Performs professional practices in line with nursing values, ethical principles and relevant legislation.
  5. Follows scientific developments in the field by using at least one foreign language effectively.
  6. Gains the ability to communicate effectively, write reports and make presentations.
  7. Gains awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning.
  8. Knows the research and publication process for the production of scientific knowledge specific to nursing and takes part in research.
  9. Uses critical thinking and clinical decision making skills in professional practice.
  10. Develops awareness of sensitivity to social and professional problems.