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Welcome to the Nursing Department


In the light of science and technology, we aim to train leaders who will become nursing and health care designers with universal education.

The main occupation of nursing is human, family and society. Human beings have a very complex structure, and their health and disease conditions are complex. For this reason, we educate to develop skills of being able to do researches and use the results in their applications to recognize, understand, be a good observer and to use scientific data (evidence) in all its anatomical, physiological, psychological, social and intellectual dimensions. We support them to grow up as influential nurses in education and management issues, to turn lifelong learning into habit and behavior.


In the content of our courses, starting from the first year, we enable them to make trips, observations and interviews that will allow them to know their profession and fields of study from their own eyes, take an active role in scientific activities, and gain research experience by completing research and biostatistics courses for each student. In the last year, we strengthen the experiences of adapting to work-life and mastering the working environment through internship activities. For their scientific, social and cultural development, we support their participation in student club activities and activities organized in different fields every day.


There are clinical practice and post-graduate work opportunities in the hospitals of our university.


In our department, which has a solid academic staff experienced in the field of nursing, our doctoral program will be added to our graduate programs, continuing as a master's degree this year.


Nurses are needed to maintain a healthy life in every environment where people exist. For this reason, the fields of study are quite extensive and there are also academic career opportunities in various branches.


We welcome all our young people who have a humanistic and positive personality structure, strive to cope with the challenges and enjoy lifelong learning and development to our school and profession.