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Aims of 2019 for the Department of Nursing

1) Education

1.1. Make an annual assessment of the curriculum, taking into account the National Core Education Program in Nursing, to improve the quality of nursing education and the student.

1.2. Increase the faculty and research assistant staff by taking into account the need for science branches and the number of students to effectively provide theoretical and clinical teaching in nursing.

1.3. Expand the skills training laboratory as a field and create a laboratory equipped with computer-based skill simulators, mannequins, models and skill desks.

1.4. To increase the efficacy of clinical nursing training, strengthening collaboration with internship colleagues.

1.5. To improve communication and cooperation with the graduates and the graduates' fields of study to identify the areas of the undergraduate curriculum that need to be developed.

1.6. To ensure the approval of the Ph.D. program that we have prepared as the Department of Nursing and to start the education.

1.7. To make activities for the students to meet the leading academicians and clinician nurses to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

1.8. To encourage students to take part in activities to ensure that they follow the developments of the profession.

1.9. Initiate an accreditation program with the Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Nursing Education Programs (HEPDAK).

1.10. Prepare programs supporting nurses' postgraduate and lifelong education.

2) Research and Publication

2.1. Increase the number of studies to contribute to the development of nursing science at national and international level.

2.2. Conduct research to improve nursing education and practice.

3) Community Service

3.1. To increase cooperation with different institutions and non-governmental organizations through the courses/practices in our education program to support the development of public health.