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About the Department of Nursing

Prof.Dr.Hediye Arslan Ozkan

Faculty of Health Sciences

Head of Nursing Department


Welcome to the Department of Nursing

In the light of science and technology, we aim to train leaders who will be nursing and health care designers with an education at universal standards.

The main field of interest of nursing is people, family and society. Humans have a very complex structure, their health and disease states are also complex, so they can do research and apply their results in order to know and understand human with all its anatomical, physiological, psychological, social and intellectual dimensions, to be a good observer and to use scientific data (evidence). We provide the skills to use. We support them to grow up as strong nurses in education and management, and turn lifelong learning into a habit and behavior.

In the content of our courses, starting from the first year, we enable them to make trips, observations and interviews that will enable them to know their profession and work areas from their own eyes, to take an active role in scientific activities, and to gain research experience by having each student do a graduation thesis with one-on-one counseling together with research and biostatistics courses. In the last year, we strengthen the experience of adapting to business life and mastering the working environment with internship studies. We support their participation in student club activities and activities organized in different fields every day for their scientific, social and cultural development.

There are clinical practice and post-graduation work opportunities in our university's hospitals.

In our department, which has a strong academic staff who are highly experienced in the fields of nursing, our doctorate program will be added to our graduate programs this year.

Nurses are needed in order to maintain a healthy life in every environment where people exist. For this reason, the fields of study are quite wide, and there are academic career opportunities in various branches.

We welcome all our young people to our school and profession, who have a humanistic and positive personality, who try to cope with difficulties without giving up, who enjoy lifelong learning and development...

What is the Department of Nursing?

The only field of occupation of the nursing profession, which is accepted as a branch of science and art, is people. In order to be a good nurse regardless of gender, race, religion or language, it is necessary to consider the person as a whole. Nurses, who have an active role in meeting family and community health needs as well as individuals; It is necessary to recognize and understand human anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, socially and intellectually. Another important feature of nursing, which has been observed throughout the ages, is that it aims at helping humanity free of charge.

The American Nursing Association (ANA) defines nursing in its widest scope as “Nursing is a helping profession and contributes to the health and well-being of people with these services. Nursing has a vital importance for individuals receiving services: nursing services are services that cannot be provided by the patient himself, his family or another member of the society.

While nursing was thought to be a profession that only women could do years ago, with the "Nursing Law" enacted in 2007, male students have also been included in this self-sacrificing profession and have become successful individuals.

In the field of health, the nurse is the most needed profession. For this reason, students who graduate as nurses can find a job quickly. Nurses; They can choose to work in universities, public and private hospitals, as well as an academic career.

Nursing Base Scores and Ranking

Score Type General Quota settled Lowest


Highest Score


SAY-%25 Scholarship


SAY-%50 Scholarship




















Nursing Department Fees and Prices

You can see the fees of Yeditepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department in the 2020/2021 academic year on this page. https://yeditepe.edu.tr/tr/aday-ogrenci/ucretler

Nursing Scholarship Opportunities

Yeditepe University provides scholarship opportunities to candidate students in different categories. Click here to evaluate your preferences in this direction during the ranking stage of the nursing department and to examine the scholarship opportunities provided to the department in detail. https://yeditepe.edu.tr/tr/aday-ogrenci/burs-olanaklari

Studying Nursing at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University Nursing Department, which aims to train nurses at universal standards, progresses in the light of science and technology. Teamwork awareness is also supported in the Nursing department, where research can be done using the scientific data presented and the ability to practice is provided.

Yeditepe University; aims to educate students who recognize human needs, empathize, self-confident, self-sacrificing, active, work based on evidence, make independent decisions, adhere to professional principles, inquiring, enterprising, respect patient rights and have a desire for lifelong learning.

Nursing is also a department that requires teamwork. Nursing department, where the treatment and care of patients is taught by expert academic staff with a holistic approach, also has the aim of training preferred nurses.

In order to get to know the profession better, the students add a new one to their experiences with each passing day by taking an active role in scientific activities, thesis and internship. At Yeditepe University, there are also many club activities and activities in order to ensure their development not only professionally but also socially and culturally.

There is also the advantage of clinical practice in this section, which can be studied successfully by all students who have a humanistic and positive personality, struggle to cope with difficulties without giving up, and enjoy lifelong learning and development. Supporting education in hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technology within Yeditepe University also enables students to see business life closely.

Among the courses given in the nursing department, all the necessary information is given in order to learn this profession. Students who learn the basic principle of nursing and continue their education in this direction strengthen their infrastructure with other courses in the field of health. Nursing students, who have the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned in the course by doing clinical internship once a week, gain the skills they will need in this way. In addition to the basic courses of nursing, they also improve themselves with courses such as health psychology, social sensitivity, critical thinking, article evaluation, history of civilization, Turkish Language and research.
Double major and minor education within the same university is another advantage offered to Yeditepe University students. It is also very easy for students who continue an education life intertwined with other departments to find a job after graduation.

Our school, which cooperates with universities in different countries, is also an opportunity for students who want to take their education to the international dimension with student exchange programs.

What Does a Nursing Graduate Do? Where does work?

The increase in population has made the health sector even more important depending on social, economic and environmental factors. Thus, with the search for health in every environment where people exist, the need for nurses is increasing day by day.

In addition to applying the treatment planned by the doctor, nurses often act as a bridge between the patient and the doctor. Protecting the health of patients, informing the patient and society in treatment, and providing care are among the duties of nursing. Patients; Nurses, who also meet their needs such as blood pressure, sugar, blood pressure measurement, serum and drug therapy, also prepare the patient before the operation and perform the necessary controls.

All individuals are based on race, language, religion, age, gender, etc. Nurses who act equally without discrimination also protect the privacy of patients. In nursing, where honesty and reliability are important, protecting the dignity of the profession is among the duties.

Nurses with a wide working area; in public and private hospitals, rehabilitation centers, health consultancy centers, Ministry of Health and Provincial Health Directorates, workplace health units, health centers, dispensaries, home care centers, emergency health services stations, different departments of polyclinics and intensive care units and all other health services. can work in institutions.

There are more than one unit in the polyclinic and intensive care units. Cardiology, general surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, gynecology, urology, oncology and neurology are just a few of them. Nurses can also specialize in these units according to their branches and interests in the training they receive.

Mission Vision and History


To provide national and international education that supports the development of students in line with their abilities, encourages the production of care, education, management and research for the development, protection, treatment and rehabilitation of health within the scope of universal values ​​and the needs of the society, and supports the training of professional leaders.


To raise leaders in the fields of nursing and health care by continuing nursing education at universal standards in order to lead professional development in the light of science and technology.


Yeditepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing started its education in 2008 and has been graduating since 2013. Since the establishment of the department, it has been training qualified nurses who have professional knowledge and skills, have the ability to adapt and work with a team, have analysis and synthesis skills, open to innovations, entrepreneurial and lifelong learning habits, in order to meet the health care needs of the individual, family and society. .

The knowledge and skills that should be acquired by the students in the development of the Nursing Department education program; Turkey Higher Education Council Qualifications Framework (TYYÇ), Nursing National Core Education program (HUÇEP), Nursing Law No. 6283, Nursing Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 27515, “Additional Regulation on Amending the Nursing Regulation” published in the Official Gazette No. 27910, Based on the “Regulation on the Determination of the Minimum Education Conditions for Doctorate, Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy and Architecture Education Programs” published in the Official Gazette No. 26775. In addition, the knowledge, skills and competencies that students should acquire in the education program are clearly expressed on a course basis, taking into account the needs of the society, the needs of the students and the resources of the institution.

Students were admitted to graduate programs in nursing in 2013-2014. In graduate education; Nursing Fundamentals, Surgical Diseases Nursing, Internal Diseases Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Mental Health and Diseases Nursing, Nursing Education, Nursing Leadership and Management elective courses.

Student Exchange Programs

Nurse candidates who study English in the nursing department can exchange information internationally by participating in the student exchange programs of Yeditepe University. You can click on this link to get detailed information about the program, which makes a great contribution to the lives of students in order to see and get to know different cultures.https://international.yeditepe.edu.tr/

Double Major and Minor Opportunities

Nutrition And Dietetics
Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Nutrition and Dietetics
Information Systems and Technologies
Genetics and Bioengineering
Public administration
Tourism and hotel Management
International Finance
International Logistics and Transport
International Trade and Business
management information systems

Click  for detailed information about the application conditions for our Double Major and Minor Programs