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Nursing 4th grade students gave various trainings within the scope of the Public Health Nursing course and raised the awareness of the public, staff, teachers and students.

They announced these trainings by sharing them on their social media accounts.

The trainings were conducted as Google Meet sessions.

  • On 06.11.2020, "Childhood Diseases (Participation; 63 people)", "Rational Drug Use (Participation; 71 people)", "Home Accidents (Participation; 60 people)" and "Internet Addiction (Participation; 61 people)" they gave training for the public.
  • They gave “First Aid Training” for the public on 14.11.2020 (Participation; 63 people) and 25.12.2020 (Participation; 89 people).
  • "Standard Infection Control Measures (SEP)", "Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)", "Spread of Epidemic Diseases", "Personal Hygiene" for the staff and teachers working in Martyr Teacher Mehmet Fidan Primary School within the scope of Clean My School project between 20.11.2020-27.11.2020. and Hand Hygiene ”,“ Contamination-Based Precautions ”and“ Before / During / After Cleaning and Waste Management ”trainings. A total of 64 people attended these trainings. These trainings were repeated in 3 sessions on 18.12.20-25.12.20 with permission from other primary schools, and a total of 67 staff and teachers participated.


They gave training to students in Şehit Öğretmen Mehmet Fidan Primary School. They supported their training with videos and games.

They gave Hygiene Training to all branches of 1st (161 students) and 2nd classes (186 students). They have reached 154 students by giving Oral and Dental Health Education to all classes of the 1st grade. They provided Infectious Diseases Training to all classes of the 2nd grade (167 students). They gave Nutrition Education to all classes of 3rd grade (156 students). They organized two different trainings titled Ergonomics (153 Students) and Exercise (149 Students) Training for all classes of the 4th grade.