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The strategic plan of the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is in line with the strategic objectives of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Strategic Objectives of the Faculty of Health Sciences

In line with the strategic objectives of our university, the purposes of our faculty are determined as follows.

Objective 1. Continuous Improvement of Contemporary Education Activities

  1. Getting accreditation of departments from related institutions
  2. Expanding the physical space of the laboratories which are insufficient in terms of the number of students and renewing the equipment
  3. Establishing joint doctoral programs with other faculties
  4. Although the content of the courses is sufficient, more attention should be paid to standards such as "learning outcomes."
  5. To make use of the knowledge of education in health sciences by creating joint studies with Medical Faculty.
  6. Increasing the ratio of elective courses to total courses
  7. Taking support from the university to improve English course presentations

Objective 2. Increasing the Quantity and Quality of Research Activities

  1. Increasing the number of research activities, projects, publications and citations of our academic staff

Objective 3. Ensuring the International Recognition of the University

  1. Rearrangement of our web page

Objective 4. Ensuring the Current, Effective and Sustainable Management Activities

  1. To prevent congestion and clutter in the building by increasing the number of offices used by faculty members
  2. Implementation of external stakeholder meetings
  3. Protection and even improvement of our undergraduate programs in terms of quotas and student entrance (ÖSYS) points
  4. Maintaining interest in our graduate programs
  5. Increasing student satisfaction
  6. Effective establishment of systematics to reduce the burden of academic consultant in course selection processes
  7. Making alumni follow-up more systematic
  8. Meeting with alumni in everyday social activities
  9. Organizing activities to increase social interaction of faculty academic and administrative staff