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Department of Nutrition and Dietetics’ mission is to educate individuals as

  • Able to respond to our country’s demand,
  • Ready to practice their profession successfully  in different countries of the world,
  • Able to determine the appropriate nutritional pattern of individuals by evaluating people according to their age, race, sex, culture, lifestyle, dietary habits and risks.
  • Able to develop plans and policies for the protection and development of health by assessing nutrition-related problems in society.
  • Able to educate individuals compatible with ethical standards during their professional life.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics vision is to be a department as

  • To be a department in which the students who are aware of the fact that they can gain the knowledge, skills and competence required by their profession with the education they have received
  • To be a department in which the academicians who feel responsible for learning, teaching and conducting scientific research and who aim to protect, develop and promote public health at an academic level by working with colleagues in harmony and devotion.