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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation; raises competent physiotherapists in the areas of treatment of movement disorders, recovery of lost functions, relief of pain, improvement of independence level in everyday life, improvement of quality of life, which are caused by many obstacles and diseases.

The areas in which physiotherapists most frequently work are; neurological diseases, orthopedic and traumatological diseases, rheumatology, cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases, obstetric and urogynecologic conditions, sports injuries, hand injuries, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, health problems after general surgery, geriatrics, continuous care and reanimation care and pain treatment, spa treatment and aquaterapy. During our four-year undergraduate education, we also offer many elective courses to improve our students' social and intellectual abilities, as well as basic medical sciences and vocational courses.

Our students work in partnership with the students in different departments; can take part in social responsibility studies in scientific projects. Through our Electrotherapy Laboratory and the Exercise, Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy Practice Laboratory, our students have the opportunity to conduct research with up-to-date and new equipment.

Our graduates; they can work in public and private hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, sports organizations and clubs, health and sports centers, schools and schools for children with disabilities, special education centers, private branch offices, nursing homes, municipalities, home care centers, centers for patients or people with disabilities.

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