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Welcome to the Nursing Department,

We are happy to be with those who value humanity and aim to protect, improve, heal and improve the quality of life. Yeditepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department started education in 2008. In addition to the undergraduate program, there is also a graduate program in nursing. The only nursing degree program that provides English education in Turkey, there are courses aimed at improving intellectual and research skills of students such as Health Psychology and Interpersonal Relations, Civic Involvement, Critical Thinking, Article Evaluation, History of Civilization, Research and Biostatistics as well as basic courses. We have international student exchange programs with Greece, Portugal, Germany, Italy. In addition, students are encouraged to be ready for their professional lives with the intern application in the last semester. Our department has double major agreement with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Sociology, Psychology and Theater departments in our university and opportunities to make sub-branches with appropriate sections.


Prof.Dr. Hediye Arslan Özkan

Faculty of Health Sciences

Chair of Nursing Department