Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a science that is active in the treatment of movement disorders caused by many disabilities and illnesses occurring during or after convalescence, relieving pain, recovering the lost function or acquiring new functions (Health Science Foundation Prerequisite 101, Science field code 1024) . The physiotherapeutic profession is responsible for planning and treating physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for patients whose physicians are identified by the physician.

Nowadays, physiotherapy and rehabilitation performed by physiotherapists has become a scientific discipline that plays an active role in improving the health of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, including people of all ages, newborns and premature birth, in parallel with the improvements achieved in science and technology. In short, physiotherapists are required to reach the highest possible level of independence of patients or persons with disabilities after an illness or accident, and to perform the necessary work to reduce the level of disability that is caused by the disease to the lowest level.

Physiotherapists most frequently work are the physiotherapy and rehabilitation of health problems after neurological diseases, orthopedics and traumatological diseases, rheumatology, cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases, obstetric and urogynecologic conditions, sports injuries, hand injuries, brain surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, continuous care and reanimation, home care and pain treatment. In addition, it is related to the areas of education, such as Community-Based Rehabilitation and Protective Rehabilitation, for example, the acquisition of an active lifestyle, the adoption of movements in body mechanics in daily life, the development of kinesthetic feelings of physical, mental, auditory or visual impairment.

There are public and private hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, sports organizations and clubs, health and sports centers, schools and schools for children with disabilities, special education centers, private branch offices, nursing homes, municipalities, home care centers, centers for patients or people with disabilities.


It is to educate the researchers, sharing, participating, self-sacrificing individuals who have received the education of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in universal nature, embraced the ethical values of the physiotherapist profession and adopted the principle of protection, treatment and development of physical health and functional skills.


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is to be a leading institution in the achievement of healthy, quality of life individuals and society, with high education and training quality, prevention from disorders and disability and prevention of functional limitations in treatment.

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